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charoite & crysocolla + azurite & sterling silver

Stamped with the breathe symbol and a little heart <3


Size 7.5 (56mm)


Charoite is an incredible stone with swirls and eddies of violets, purples, and lavender. A stone that bridges the access of the heart and crown chakras, allowing openness to the Divine, expansion, and oneness and filtering it through out hearts knowing. Let it’s soft magnificence open your own world of love. Let it transform your being towards openness towards unconditional love. Knowing that you are love and loved.

Combied with an Azurite & Chrysocolla stone, which opens communications in all forms of your life. Bringing a calm tranquility to life. So let this ring bring these swirls of love into your heart with calm and peace. 


· Reawakening our hearts knowing and connection to the divine. During this month, let our focus be on our hearts. And it seems that is what this world is asking from us, in all of it’s craziness, pain, stories, and suffering. Can we open anyways. Open to the goodness, love, and expansion that is our innate birthright. Can we bring that inner knowing into our tour hearts and soul and redefine the way we interact within this world. Let our hearts guide us forward, with love, compassion, and joy, and let us show the world a new way of being. A way of heart ·


Each piece is hand forged using traditional soldering techniques. I pride myself in hand making every component and uniquely designing each piece. Please know that no piece is perfect, as I believe is true in every aspect of this world. Each imperfection is a reminder of the time and energy spent forging your unique jewelry :)


I strive hard to only using the highest quality materials. All of my components are pure metals unless otherwise specified differently.

Calm Love

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