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chrysacolla & azurite + sterling silver


handmade sterling silver earring hooks

mind, body, spirt

  • Azurite and Chrysocolla, two captivating gemstones of rich blue and green hues, combine to form a harmonious symphony of healing and transformation. Azurite, with its deep azure tones reminiscent of the boundless sky, is revered as the 'Stone of Inner Vision.' It facilitates deep introspection and insight, opening the third eye chakra to enhance intuition and spiritual awareness. Azurite's purifying energy cleanses the mind of mental clutter and awakens dormant psychic abilities, guiding one towards greater clarity and understanding.

    Complementing Azurite's celestial essence, Chrysocolla exudes a serene energy of tranquility and emotional healing. Known as the 'Stone of Communication,' Chrysocolla encourages heartfelt expression and compassionate communication, allowing one to speak their truth with grace and authenticity. Its soothing vibrations calm the emotional body, alleviating stress, anxiety, and emotional wounds, while fostering a sense of peace and harmony within.

    Together, Azurite and Chrysocolla form a powerful alliance, balancing the energies of the mind, body, and spirit to promote holistic healing and spiritual growth. Whether used in meditation, energy work, or simply as a source of inspiration, these gemstones invite you to dive deep into the depths of your soul, embrace your true essence, and align with the divine flow of universal wisdom and love.

  • Each piece is hand forged using traditional soldering techniques. I pride myself in hand making every component and uniquely designing each piece. Please know that no piece is perfect, as I believe is true in every aspect of this world. Each imperfection is a reminder of the time and energy spent forging your unique jewelry :)


    I strive hard to only using the highest quality materials. All of my components are pure metals unless otherwise specified differently.

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