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calcite & sterling silver + brass

handmade sterling silver earring hooks

symphony of energy

  • Calcite, the luminous crystal of transformation, holds within its graceful form a symphony of metaphysical energies. With hues spanning from serene blues to radiant oranges, calcite embodies the spectrum of possibilities for personal growth and spiritual evolution. Known as the 'stone of the mind,' calcite is a gentle guide for mental clarity, encouraging harmony between intellect and emotion. Its cleansing vibrations dispel negativity and stagnant energies, ushering in a renewed sense of vitality and optimism. Whether in meditation or daily life, calcite serves as a beacon of light, illuminating the path towards self-discovery and inner peace.

  • Each piece is hand forged using traditional soldering techniques. I pride myself in hand making every component and uniquely designing each piece. Please know that no piece is perfect, as I believe is true in every aspect of this world. Each imperfection is a reminder of the time and energy spent forging your unique jewelry :)

    I strive hard to only using the highest quality materials. All of my components are pure metals unless otherwise specified differently.

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