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hand-crafted organic tea blend to awaken & open your heart

Rose petals · Rooibos · Cacao · cinnamon bark

A powerful blend to promote a strong, healthy, and open heart. As well as nourish the body and feel supported. Be embraced by this magical mixture of herbs!


4 oz loose leaf organic tea blend
Includes 10 organic cotton single-use tea bags for your convience

unconditional love tea blend

  • Rose petals
    (the tea includes a mixture of red and pink rose petals)
    From an energetic perspective rose is like a warm, motherly embrace – it is soothing, heart-opening, softening and gentle. Rose is full of femininity, comfort and tenderness

    Having an incredible ability to uplift the spirit, bringing balancing energies that are known to help align all 7 chakras. Rooibos is known to help connect the mind, body, spirit and awaken our own selves to the prana (life force energy) all around us.

    Cacao Nibs
    This fruit is a great method for helping you deeply connect with your inner self and others by opening your heart. People living with anxiety and fears find more joy and love by using cacao more often.
    Now with cacao, you get closer to the genuinely happy life you want. You see your targets and passions clearly. Accordingly, it lightens the burdensome on your shoulder to bring you closer to your dreams. Not only is cacao a medicine to your body, but it’s also the cure your spirit needs.

    A powerful herb that has been used in ceremonies in many different cultures and religions. Awarded for its protective and spiritual properties, it has been sued to guard ones space as well as to enlighten the spirit and raise your vibration.


  • Rose petals
    rose petals are powerful medicine that have been used by many cultures for centuries. They are known to be a powerful cooler and aphrodsiac. Aiding in improving mood, relieving anxiety, and anti-inflammaory

    A strong heart tonic, the herb supports improved cholesterol levels, high in essential minerals, blood builder, anti-inflammatory, & a blood sugar regulator. 

    Cinnamon Bark
    Tied to heart health, cinnamon aids in blood circulation, cardiac stimulant, balances blood sugar levels, and stimulates energy. It is known to be a strong digestive aid with cleansing properties and helping relieve gas and cold indigestion. 

    Cacao Nibs
    Energy stimulator while acting as a nervous system support and antispasmotic. Known to help stabilize mood and anxiety. Cacao physically supports the heart through it's high levels of antioxidents. 


    This product has not been evalutated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

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