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Who am I?

I am a searcher, explorer, creator, lover, adventurer, and artist. 


the beginning

Leah began embodied being jewelry co. during COVID times while living in Israel, as a "fun" lockdown endeavor. Her dream was to create art that awakened the spirit, opened the heart, and inspired curious and open engagement with life. Since then, the business and her art have traveled the world, growing and expanding along the way. The inspiration that led to the creation of the business, Leah’s desire for a life lived with courage, curiosity, and connection, has only continued to grow.

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the mobile silversmith studio

In 2021, Leah and her pups, Akko, took to the road. She made art, meditated, spent ample time outside, explored, and learned new depths about self & the world. During this time of intensive exploration, it became abundantly clear to Leah that there was no going back. With the help of a good friend, they built out her Toyota minivan with a silversmith studio inside. Leah was inspired by the depth of beauty everywhere she went, and spent her days working to allow this expansive beauty to flow into and through her creations.



During her time on the road, where Leah and Akko traveled through four countries, and twelve states in the US, Leah experienced the incredible space to explore art, life, and spirit. Every week she was creating from a new environment, and was able to collect unique materials from each of these places. Being able to incorporate these unique elements from her physical surroundings is essential to her, as Leah aims to always bring a presence and connection with nature through her art.


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In 2022, Leah expanded on her open engagement with life, and began her studies as a student in Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), bodywork, and herbalism. This new avenue of exploration has opened her mind, spirit, and art to a whole new world of inspiration. She now studies and practices bodywork, and is constantly flowing with new ways of bringing together the worlds of creation and healing. Akko and Leah currently live part-time in Northern California, studying with beautiful people in a beautiful environment, amongst the magnificent redwoods and next to the always awe-inspiring Pacific Ocean, learning, growing, loving, everyday!

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The Art

   My medium is the universe. It is the stars in the sky, the sun beaming down, the waves of the ocean, and the whisper of the trees. It is the rocks and sticks. The cliffs and the mountains. There is so much beauty to be seen by just opening one’s eyes. 

   Art is a gift. A gift of encapsulating the beauty that exists all around us and providing that to be carried, worn, hung, shared to others. So I am honored to have the gift of art inside me. To look outside and see a world of potential. To create and share the way that I see the world with you.

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