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The Artist

I am Leah and I am an Traveling Artist

I am a searcher, explorer, creator, lover, adventurer, and artist. I was born and raised in the land of the wild, vast forests, powerful rivers, breaching whales, blanketing stars, and towering mountains of Alaska. I journeyed for a year around the world, working with kids in Africa, teaching university in Cambodia, exploring by motorcycles in Vietnam and Laos, and my adventures landed me in Israel. Now, after serving as a commander in canine Search and Rescue in the Israeli Army, I began my journey as an artist. I have realized that life is the journey, every moment is life. 

 At the beginning of 2021 I opened Be.Lihiyot, with the idea to somehow spread my values of life, creativity, and connection to those around me. My puppy, Akko, and I have our home split between Alaska and Israel, but are nomads at heart, creating art everywhere we go. 

The Art

   My medium is the universe. It is the stars in the sky, the sun beaming down, the waves of the ocean, and the whisper of the trees. It is the rocks and sticks. The cliffs and the mountains. There is so much beauty to be seen by just opening one’s eyes. 

   Art is a gift. A gift of encapsulating the beauty that exists all around us and providing that to be carried, worn, hung, shared to others. So I am honored to have the gift of art inside me. To look outside and see a world of potential. To create and share the way that I see the world with you.

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The Buisness

Lihiyot aims to inspire with that childhood magic that is still in each of us. To remind us to wake up, Wake up to what we actually want. Wake up to who we actually are. Wake up to a world that is simply waiting for us to smile, breathe deep, and embrace it with open arms and an infinite heart. Each piece is unique. Each material is handpicked and has a story. They come from different people, different parts of the world, recycled treasures and antique finds. I try to incorporate pieces of nature in my jewelry: sea glass, shells, shards of wood, and crystals. Every detail is accounted for because it truly is the small things we say and do that reflect exactly who we are. 

      Each piece speaks to everyone differently. Find that piece that makes your heart flutter when you look at it. Find that piece that makes you want to run barefoot through the forest. Love it with all your heart and don’t ask anyone whether they like it or not. Because you know what? It doesn’t matter what they think.

      Don’t let the world tell you who you should be, or what you should be, or how you should do it. Just be.

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