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In honor of day of love:

Unconditional Love

Love is our birthright 

It does not belong to us, for it IS us. 

Love is, we are, I am.

Reawakening our hearts knowing and connection to the divine. During this month, let our focus be on our hearts. And it seems that is what this world is asking from us, in all of it’s craziness, pain, stories, and suffering. Can we open anyways. Open to the goodness, love, and expansion that is our innate birthright. Can we bring that inner knowing into our tour hearts and soul and redefine the way we interact within this world. Let our hearts guide us forward, with love, compassion, and joy, and let us show the world a new way of being. A way of heart.


Sip on love

Rose · Cacao · Cinnamon · Rooibos 

To awaken & open the heart

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Give a gift of unconditional love 

· Unconditonal love organic tea blend ·

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handmade cards

· Heart space ·

The beauty, magic, and love that exists always within our beings.
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