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the world needs your magic


jewelry crafted with hand-stamped mantras

a wearable reminder to open to your highest self, live your craziest dreams, and stand tall with the power & love emanating from your inner essence

facilitating the embodiment of truth & love

IMG_7239 2.HEIC
Jewelry made in the wild - for the wild

My name is Leah

I am an artist of earth, body, & spirit

I create with intention, care & presence. Each piece is uniquely forged and charged with the beauty of this world. My mission is to bring connection and intentionality into every aspect of life. To awaken to our inner selves, to shine bright, speak with truth, open our hearts, and Be. Be present & alive within our lives. 

pair with your jewelry

Sip on love

Rose · Cacao · Cinnamon · Rooibos 

To awaken & open the heart

hand-cut gemstone jewelry

what embodied being jewelry co. stands for

As a small business I work hard to stand with what I believe in. I do not sacrafice my ethics. I believe in the interconnected nature of community, earth, and our beings. Read how every aspect of my business interweaves with supporting the greater world

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